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Backhoe Lock

The Backhoe Lock secures the forward/reverse drive control and steering wheel in the turned position leaving the equipment inoperable. It is perfect for backhoe security.

It also secures shooting boom forklifts, articulating loaders and trucks, rollers, agricultural tractors, boats, and more. Plate is 1/4″ x 3″ x 7″ Steel and the 6 pins are each 1/2″ x 8″ Tool Steel (electro-plated finish). Available only in the high security barrel lock keyed style (comes with 2 keys).

Excavator Lock

Need to secure your excavator? The Excavator Lock secures both track drive controls in opposite directions. It will secure both small and large excavators.

Some Kubota® and JCB® mini excavators may have drive controls too thick for the lock to be installed.( Maximum dia. is 15/16”.) A 6 ½” Stabilizer Lock may be used on the back fill-blade hydraulic cylinder instead. Powder coat finish, made of steel. Available only in the high security barrel lock keyed style (comes with 2 keys).

Jobsite Office Door Lock

Office trailer security on a job site is a must. The Jobsite Office Door Lock secures office trailer and warehouse doors of all sizes. The lock is easy to install and gives you peace of mind knowing your office is secure.

Adjustable to Fit Any Doors 32″ – 40″. For doors opening outward only. Available with either the high security barrel style keyed lock (comes with 2 keys) or with a built-in changeable combination padlock.

Skidsteer Lock

The Skidsteer Lock, when in place, makes it nearly impossible to gain access to the skid steer loader operator’s seat. Immobilizing the drive controls prevents theft, vandalism and joyrides. It also eliminates other trades from borrowing the machine even if the ignition key is available.

Before you purchase, please note: Some models of Gehl®, Mustang®, ASV®/Terex® and all of Belle® skid loaders may not have holes in the protective cage below the drive controls. Additionally, Caterpillar® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have stationary glass or a square steel plate for directions at drive control level. John Deere® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have a door that tilts inward. These circumstances may prohibit the Skidsteer Lock or E-Series Skidsteer Lock from being installed in the normal fashion. JCB Robot®, Kubota®, Takeuchi® and Thomas® skid loaders cannot use the Skidsteer Lock, only the E-Series Skidsteer Lock may be used. Please contact TELC for alternative installation instructions prior to ordering for any of the above-mentioned machines. Both products DO work on “joystick” type controls and typical enclosed cabs.

Stabilizer Lock

The Stabilizer Lock secures the stabilizer, outrigger and steering cylinder in the fully extended position locking a wheel off of the ground.

When ordering, please specify length needed: CASE® 780 (only) 27”,New Holland® backhoe (ONLY) 21”. All other full-size backhoes use 18”. Mini-backhoes, articulating equipment steering cylinders, and dozer blades use 15” or 12”. Mini-excavator and trencher back-fill blades use 6 ½”. Rough terrain scissor-lift, man-lift and forklift steering cylinder lengths will vary. Check your equipment’s cylinder length. Maximum cylinder diameter is 2-3/8” which includes most all full size backhoes. View the measuring guide to learn how to measure for your appropriate lock.

We began our journey in 2001 when we started patenting and then manufacturing universal anti-theft and safety devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, sea containers and more. Our Equipment Locks are powder coated and/or electroplated for a durable finish and can be special ordered keyed alike. Some of the products are also offered with a built-in four digit changeable combination lock for an additional charge.