The Equipment Lock Difference

On a mission to prevent equipment theft before it happens, The Equipment Lock Company manufactures and patents universal barrel-style key locks that are pick, Freon™, and corrosion resistant for heavy equipment — such as construction gear, trucks, trailers, and shipping containers.

Who Is Equipment Lock?

Distinguished by its signature red finish, every lock is protected by a steel-locking structure that can withstand thousands of pounds of force. But it doesn’t stop there! Each device is powder coated before a series of quality assurance checks to ensure security and reliability.

The Equipment Lock Company’s top priorities are developed around proactive equipment security, customer experience, and top notch service. Every product and decision is made with customers in mind, backed by a dedicated team and an industry-leading warranty program.


Unlocking History

The first Skid Steer Lock prototype was created with a broom handle and poplar wood on Bryan Witchey’s back porch between 1999 and 2000. A carpenter by trade, Bryan’s hands-on approach to problem-solving drove him to create a lasting solution to prevent equipment theft.

Moving from one office space to another and developing lasting partnerships along the way, The Equipment Lock Company grew from a skeleton crew to the business it is today. From the original prototype to a breadth of unique products with multiple variations, the company has truly evolved with plans to continue finding better ways to secure your valuables.

As part of Equipment Lock’s pledge to be simply better, they prioritize providing a wide selection of user-friendly equipment, convenient keying options, and a responsive team dedicated to the customer experience. The company’s rich history is supported by its strong ties with the local Bedford community, employing adults with special needs and offering assistance to several charities and volunteering projects.

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