We began our journey in 2001 when we started patenting and then manufacturing universal anti-theft and safety devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, sea containers and more. The Equipment Lock Company (TELC) stresses the message of Pro-Active Equipment Security--prevent theft before it happens. Basic jobsite security and preventative measures are a must. The concept is easy--secure the equipment in seconds with TELC’s bright red, steel locking devices that are universal for all manufacturers. All of our products are built with barrel-style key locks that are pick resistant, Freon resistant and corrosion resistant. The barrel locks are also capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of force.

TELC products are a wise investment for equipment security. They are powder coated and/or electroplated for a durable finish and can be special ordered keyed alike. Some of the products are also offered with a built-in four digit changeable combination lock for an additional charge.

Heavy Equipment Today: 

The Equipment Lock Company manufactures and sells universal security and safety devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, sea containers and more. Each manufacturer has its own ignition key system but uses a “construction key” for convenience – making all of them keyed alike. Therefore, contractors, rental stores, and dealers do not have to fumble with different keys when dealing with individual equipment. Anybody who has operated or has had access to heavy equipment could have a key that will run any machine from that same manufacturer! Since the machines are typically left on-site and unguarded, they are easily stolen. Additionally, they are not required by law to have a title or visible identification. To a thief, these machines are easy to resell and very profitable, therefore, very hard to pass up, until now.


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The Original Skidsteer Lock