Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I secure my equipment, containers, or trucks with your locking devices?

Theft prevention is our middle name, and proactive security is the only way to go when it comes to keeping your heavy equipment safe. Equipment Lock’s intuitive product design makes it easy for users to install, while strong, preventive measures are built to send thieves elsewhere.

How are Equipment Lock’s products made?

All of our products are made in the USA and built with barrel-style key locks that are pick, Freon™, and corrosion resistant, and are capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of force. Some of our products can be ordered with a built-in combination padlock to set your own four-digit code. Other keying options include “keyed alike” and randomly keyed, which can be selected at checkout.

What are the products made of?

Our products are composed of steel with a powder coat finish. Refer to individual product descriptions and specifications for further details.

Keying Options

How many keys come with my lock?

Two keys come with each lock. Extra keys can be added to your purchase for $6.95 each.

How do I order extra keys?

Should you need to order more keys, call us at 1-866-565-4887 or contact us here for more information. Please be prepared with the five-digit ID number engraved into your original key, which is needed to cut any new ones. This can be found by removing the red key covering on your key. If you purchased your lock through a third party, such as Amazon, proof of purchase will be necessary.

What is “keyed alike”?

When you choose to have your lock “keyed alike,” we keep your key code on file to create future locks from the same pattern. When your products are keyed alike, multiple locks can be accessed by the same key. This can be helpful on job sites, for example, where it would be most convenient to use one key for all equipment.

How do I place an order for a “keyed alike” lock?

When you choose to have your locks keyed alike, your lock will be keyed the same as a lock that you have previously purchased. To have a new lock created with your current key code, enter your code upon checkout. If you’re interested in having a new key code assigned to you or your company, please contact our team here.

If I decide to have my locks “keyed alike”, what is my key code?

Your key code is associated with a five-digit identification number. This number is engraved into your current key, which can be found by removing the red key cover.

What does it mean to have my locks randomly keyed?

When locks are “randomly keyed,” no key codes are kept on file. However, your five-digit key code is located on your key, should you need to access this when ordering other locks or keys in the future. This can be found by removing the red key covering on your current key. For more information or to order more keys, please call us directly at 1-866-565-4887 or contact us here

How do I set my combination lock code?

Combination locks are preset to a factory code at 0-0-0-0.


  1. To set your code, unlock the mechanism with the preset combination 0-0-0-0. Press inward, causing the mechanism to open. (Remember, combinations can only be set when the lock is open.)
  2. Insert the factory key in the keyhole on the side of the mechanism. Press the key firmly into the hole (be sure to feel the spring’s resistance against the key), and turn 90 degrees in either direction. Failure to exert force while pushing the key in will result in a failed attempt to set or reset the combination.
  3. Set the dials to your desired code and make sure each digit is lined up in a straight line with the dashed line centered between each number. You should feel them click into place. Turn the key back to the original position with the key in line with the lock device and remove it.


IMPORTANT: Record your combination or commit it to memory. There is no factory override code for this padlock once it is in the locked position. 

Can I change my combination lock code?

If the combination lock is unlocked, your code can be changed with the key included in your initial purchase. To change your code, follow the set up directions above, beginning at step 2.

How do I lock and unlock my combination lock?

To lock, scramble the dials and press the mechanism inward. 

To unlock, dial your code and press inward, which will cause the mechanism to pop out and reopen.

For a more in-depth tutorial, refer to our instructional video here.

If I forget my combination lock code, is there a manual override code to reset my lock?

We do not offer an override code, as that would severely lessen the security of the combination lock. We highly recommend writing down your four-digit code or committing it to memory. 

However, if your padlock is already in the unlocked position, your code can be changed. See “Can I change my combination lock code?” above.

If you have lost or cannot recall your code, call our office directly or contact us here for assistance with replacing the internal components of your locks.

Will my Skid Steer or E-Series Skid Steer Lock work on an enclosed cab?

Yes, both the Skid Steer Lock and the E-Series Skid Steer Lock will work on an enclosed cab with a few exceptions.

The Skid Steer Lock clamps both drive controls and is installed by sliding both windows back. It extends through the cage holes, securing tightly against the cage and capturing both drive controls. While the machine is locked, both windows remain open (See the note below).

The E-Series Skid Steer Lock, which locks one drive control lever, mounts by “sandwiching” two plates on the cage. In the case of enclosed cabs, the locking plate is installed on the outside of the cab, and the 3/16” thick mounting plate is put on the inside (this allows the glass to slide past it while operating the machine). A window must be open while the lock is installed (See the note below). The E-Series Lock is permanently attached with four non-reversing stainless steel screws. The ”U-bar” captures one drive control lever and locks into the locking plate, which is secured to the cage.

NOTE: Some models of Gehl®, Mustang®, ASV®/Terex®, and all Belle® skid loaders may not have holes in the protective cage below the drive controls. Additionally, Caterpillar® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have a stationary glass or a square steel plate for directions at the drive control level. John Deere® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have a door that tilts inward. These circumstances may prohibit the Skid Steer Lock or E-Series Skid Steer Lock from being installed in the normal fashion. JCB Robot®, Kubota®, Takeuchi®, and Thomas® skid loaders cannot use the Skid Steer Lock; only the E-Series Skid Steer Lock may be used. 

For more information or clarification, contact us.

For Dealers

How do I partner with Equipment Lock as a dealer?

Check out our Dealer Information page here to learn more about becoming a dealer and to get in touch with our team.

What contributes to the cost difference between the randomly keyed and keyed alike?

With the keyed alike option, a service charge is applied to keep your specific key code on file and to keep stock of this code for future purchases. Randomly keyed locks require no service charge as the key code is not kept on file.

How are key codes kept on file?

Our internal records keep track of each code to ensure no customers receive the same code.

How do customers get extra keys?

In order to purchase extra keys, customers can call us at 1-866-565-4887 or contact us here to inquire about extra keys. Customers must come prepared with the five-digit number engraved into their original key, which is needed to identify the key and cut any new ones. This number can be found by removing the red key covering on the current key. If the lock was purchased through a third party, such as Amazon, proof of purchase will be necessary when contacting our team.

What happens when a customer loses both of their keys?

If the lock is randomly keyed and both keys are lost, we cannot have replica keys made. Customers can contact us directly to discuss alternative options. 

If both keys are lost on a keyed alike lock, replica keys can be made. 

In both cases, a picture of the engraved key code must be provided for verification purposes. If this is not able to be provided, customers will need to contact us directly for assistance.

Am I able to stock the keyed alike option?

To ensure the security of our customers and their specific key codes, the keyed-alike option is not available to stock. If your customer is interested in keyed alike, please call us or contact us here for assistance.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Warranty claims only apply to manufacturer defects on locks still under the one-year warranty. Warranty information can be viewed here.

Claims can be requested directly from a customer service representative. Once the claim is processed, the items will be inspected upon arrival. If the lock is deemed a manufacturer defect, there will not be any associated costs. However, suppose the lock is defective due to user error, theft attempts, modifications, or any reasons that do not fall under manufacturer defects. In that case, it is not covered by our warranty, and repair costs will be necessary. These costs include service charges, return shipping charges, and applicable sales tax. If a prepaid return label is provided for the item, those charges will also be applied to the repair costs. 

Customer Service

Can I cancel or make changes once I’ve placed my order?

To make changes to an order that has already been placed, call us at 1-866-565-4887 or contact our team here.

What is your product warranty?

Equipment Lock products are backed by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. For more information and details, read our full warranty statement here.

What is your return policy?

Unopened or unused items in new condition can be returned within 30 days of receiving your product. Upon return, a refund will be issued or you can exchange the product for another item. For more information or to begin a return, view our full return policy here.

Can my order be expedited?

Although we try, we cannot guarantee same-day shipping. If you would like to have your order expedited, please call our office at 1-866-565-4887 to see if we can fulfill the expedited order.