Working with Equipment Lock

The Equipment Lock Company is always looking for partners to expand its dealer network. See what benefits you can unlock as a dealer!

  • Anti-theft products for construction, transportation, ATV/UTVs, and more
  • Unique key codes for your customers with a keyed alike feature
  • Little to no inventory requirements
  • A one-year product warranty

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Become a Dealer

Dealer FAQ’s

Why become an Equipment Lock Dealer?

  • Generous product margins
  • Free dropshipping – no on-hand stock required
  • 99.9%+ on-time shipping rate
  • Prevent theft of your customers’ hard-earned assets!

How do I partner with Equipment Lock as a dealer?

Check out our Dealer Information page here to learn more about becoming a dealer and to get in touch with our team.

What contributes to the cost difference between the randomly keyed and keyed alike?

With the keyed alike option, a service charge is applied to keep your specific key code on file and to keep stock of this code for future purchases. Randomly keyed locks require no service charge as the key code is not kept on file.

How are key codes kept on file?

Our internal records keep track of each code to ensure no customers within 300 miles of each other receive the same code.

How do customers get extra keys?

In order to purchase extra keys, customers can call us at 1-866-565-4887 or contact us here to inquire about extra keys. Customers must come prepared with the five-digit number engraved into their original key, which is needed to identify the key and cut any new ones. This number can be found by removing the red key covering on the current key. If the lock was purchased through a third party, such as Amazon, proof of purchase will be necessary when contacting our team.

What happens when a customer loses both of their keys?

If the lock is randomly keyed and both keys are lost, we cannot have replica keys made. Customers can contact us directly to discuss alternative options.

If both keys are lost on a keyed alike lock, replica keys can be made.

In both cases, a picture of the engraved key code must be provided for verification purposes. If this is not able to be provided, customers will need to contact us directly for assistance.

Am I able to stock the keyed alike option?

To ensure the security of our customers and their specific key codes, the keyed-alike option is not available to stock. If a customer is interested in keyed alike, please refer them to purchase directly from our site or contact us here for assistance.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Warranty claims only apply to manufacturer defects on locks still under the one-year warranty. Warranty information can be viewed here.

Claims can be requested directly from a customer service representative. Once the claim is processed, the items will be inspected upon arrival. If the lock is deemed a manufacturer defect, there will not be any associated costs. However, suppose the lock is defective due to user error, theft attempts, modifications, or any reasons that do not fall under manufacturer defects.In that case, it is not covered by our warranty, and repair costs will be necessary. These costs include service charges, return shipping charges, and applicable sales tax. If a prepaid return label is provided for the item, those charges will also be applied to the repair costs.