The Uncuttable Lock

Uncompromising Defense

Meet the Uncuttable Lock from The Equipment Lock Co.—the ultimate force in security technology. Engineered to withstand cutting wheels, sawzalls, and grinding wheels, this beast sets a new standard in impenetrability.

The Uncuttable Lock redefines theft protection with brute strength and defiance against any attempt at tampering. Secure your cargo containers and trailers with the Uncuttable Lock, and make vulnerability a thing of the past.

Meet Our Uncuttable Locks

Equipment Lock Uncuttable Lock installed on a cargo shipping container

Standard Cargo Door Lock

Ideal for locking the two innermost vertical bars of all semi-trailers. Recommended for those who want increased protection in common storage and transportation situations.


Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock

Enhanced to secure the innermost vertical locking bars of semi-trailers and sea containers. Recommended in high-theft areas/ports, stationary or un-attended cargo/storage situations, etc.


Equipment Lock Uncuttable Lock installed on a cargo shipping container

The Next Level in Cargo Security

This armored cargo lock is fortified with proprietary Equipment Lock Co. material, both externally and internally, making it impervious to any attempts at breach.

Superior Strength

The Uncuttable Lock is built with high-grade, cut-resistant materials to withstand extreme attempts at forced entry.

Versatile Application

Perfect for securing semi-trailers, sea containers, and more with adjustable, easy-to-use mechanisms.

User Friendly

The Uncuttable Lock is easy to use and built to last with simple keying options.

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It

A Better Way

In 2001, The Equipment Lock Company began manufacturing universal anti-theft and safety devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, and more. On a mission to improve proactive equipment security, each lock is built with a patented design and backed by superior service and warranties.