Return and Exchange Policy

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of receiving your product. To request a return or exchange, please contact our customer support for a Returned Material Authorization number here.

Products must be unopened, unused, and returned in their original packaging. If returning a keyed-style lock, keys must be included in your return.

Warranty Information

For loss of or damage to a vehicle, property, or its contents, The Equipment Lock Company (EQLock) disclaims any liability resulting from delay or failure of use and service, repair, for loss or damaged devices, or for any incidental consequential negligence or other faults. The Equipment Lock Company Limited Warranty hereby warrants the original purchase of any new EQLock device — that the device shall be free from defect in material and/or workmanship. This warranty shall last for a period of one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Should any such defect arise within the warranty period, EQLock shall replace the defective device with a new one of the same type. Under no circumstances, however, shall EQLock be required to refund the purchase price of any device. This warranty does not cover any failure of or damage to the product resulting from accident, misuse, or alteration of the product or failure to follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. This warranty is void if there are any modifications made to the original product. EQLock will not be liable for damages or costs associated with the loss of keys or number codes. EQLock will not be liable for any damage, injury, or loss caused by the use of the product other than indicated in the manufacturers’ instructions. EQLock will not be liable for any damage, injury, death, or loss caused by the use of the product. EQLock will not be liable for any damage to the interior or exterior of a machine, equipment, or property caused by the product and shall not be liable on the part of the manufacturer or others.

The implied warranties on this product shall be in effect only for the duration of the expressed warranty period as set forth above. Thereafter, there shall be no warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on EQLock products. Installation and removal of EQLock products may only happen after all moving parts are safely on the ground, the parking brake is on, and the engine is turned off. Dispose of or properly store any unused small parts or packages with this device. Each device contains only two unique keys and EQLock will not send additional keys after the purchase of a locking device unless requested in writing. EQLock will not be held responsible for loss of or damage to devices, machines, equipment, or property if keys are lost, stolen, or the combination codes are forgotten.

The Equipment Lock Company products cannot stop all theft, but certainly can prevent theft in most cases. Additionally, EQLock products may prevent vandalism, joyrides, and other trades from borrowing your machine. Contact your insurance agent to learn of a deduction you may be eligible for by using these products, or have your insurance agent contact EQLock directly.

All of The Equipment Lock Company products are patented or patent pending.

The Equipment Lock Company will not be liable for any damage, injury, death, or loss caused by the use of the product.